Trailex Trailers

We also offer several options to pull your kayak, canoe or paddleboards.

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SOL Sumo

Length: 11'4"

Width: 37"

Weight: 35 lbs

Volume: 375L

​Price: $1249

Current Designs Kestral

Year: 2007 

Length: 14'

Width: 18' 5"

Weight: 43 lbs

Capacity: 350 lbs

​Price: $450

SOL Shine

Length: 9'6"

Width: 36"

Weight: 25 lbs

Volume: 300L

​Price: $1099

New Kayaks

At Crystal River Kayak Company and Dive Center we strive to provide with the largest and highest quality selection of kayak products and accessories. Whether you are looking for an attachment for your trailer or your next amazing kayak, Crystal River Kayak Company and Dive Center is your one stop shop for everything kayak related.

All new in-stock kayaks and paddleboards 20% OFF

For more information please give us a call and we can talk details.  

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New Paddleboards

SOL Rebel

Length: 10'

Width: 32"

Weight: 22 lbs

Volume: 300L 

​Price: $959

Necky Rip12

Length: 12'

Width: 28"

Weight: 49 lbs

Max. Capacity: 375 lbs

​Price: $799

"Like New" Kayaks

Delta Cat 10.5

Length: 10.5'

Width: 30"

Weight: 39 lbs

Max. Capacity: 370 lbs

​Price: $1095

Kayaks, Paddleboards & Accessories

Old Town Vapor 12XL

Length: 12'

Width: 27.5"

Weight: 56 lbs

Max. Capacity: 325 lbs

​Price: $699