At Crystal River Kayak Company and Dive Center we strive to provide with the largest and highest quality selection of kayak products and accessories. Whether you are looking for an attachment for your trailer or your next amazing kayak, Crystal River Kayak Company and Dive Center is your one stop shop for everything kayak related.

Provider of high quality paddle sports gear for nearly 30 years. From humble beginnings Seals is now the worldwide leader in the kayak sprayskirt product category.

Glide boards outperform and outlast other SUP brands by order of magnitude

Johnson Outdoors turns ideas into adventure with innovative, market-leading outdoor recreational products.

Creator of an innovative braking system for paddle sports. Efficiently apply the brakes to any of your current kayaks or paddle boats

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks, designer and manufacturer of classic, yet innovative, watercraft for over 100 years.

Kayaks that make sense, because they address the needs and wants of over 90% of the people out there that are looking to relax, exercise, fish, or just plain old have fun out on the water.

Necky’s innovative touring and day touring boats include the Manitou Series, Looksha Series, Chatham Series, Elias Series and the women’s specific Eliza Series

The developer of a revolutionary rudder control system for kayaks. Change the way you paddle with solid foot control. This provides a more efficient, precise and comfortable experience.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality canoes and kayak paddles. Located out of Northwestern Wisconsin, the company is run paddling enthusiasts who understand the needs of outdoor paddling.

Wind Paddles are self-launching, small watercraft sails for kayaks and canoes. Overcoming design challenges that had plagued the category for years, WindPaddle Sails have developed a convenient and portable system.

Seattle Sports has been continuing to grow and evolve over the past 25 years. Being a pioneer in radio-frequency seam welding, Seattle Sports has proven to have some of the highest quality products available.

Delta Kayaks get their rugged good looks from Solarkote acrylic capstock. They thermoform their boats with it for exceptional strength, durability, and UV-resistance. The Result? A high-gloss shine that endures for years.

Manufacturing paddles for whitewater, touring and recreational kayaking as well as canoeing. It didn’t take long for Aqua-Bound to become the number one producer of plastic-bladed kayak paddles.


30 years of experience has allowed Osagian Canoes to establish themselves as one of the leading manufactures of canoes on the globe. With some of the best features and qualities they strive to enhance the canoeing experience.

RTM has been designing and manufacturing kayaks for over 25 years. We are focused on providing high quality, easy to use and durable boats at a good price supported by top notch customer service.

Founded in Sweden, THULE is a premium leader in worldwide outdoor sports. From cars to kayaks you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for in THULE products.

From kayaks to paddles, Yak-Gear has you covered. With one of the largest assortment of accessories in the paddle sport community, Yak-Gear remains a leading brand. High quality and a reasonable price ensure they remain one of the best accessory store options.

Ocean Kayak’s innovative single and tandem boats feature the renowned Tri-Form hull for stability, tracking and maneuverability.