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Two Dives at Ginnie Springs

$140 for one diver

$100 p/p for two or more divers

Dive Tours 

One Dive: (Blue Grotto, Devil’s Den or Rainbow River) 
$120 for one diver
$80 p/p for two or more divers

Rainbow River

Ginnie Springs

Devil's Den

Pricing Includes : Park Entrance Fees, Insured Dive Guide, Cylinders & Weights

Blue Grotto

Dive Blue Grotto

Two Dive Site Package: 1 at Blue Grotto & 1 at Devil’s Den 
$200 for one diver
$160 p/p for two or more divers

Come join our staff of highly trained professionals on an adventure into the underwater realm. We have several fresh water spring dive sites available to choose from. Year round water temperatures stay a refreshing 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius). Rainbow River is a shallow drift dive or snorkel only a half hour away from Crystal River. Blue Grotto and Devil's Den are safe cavernous springs about 50 minutes from our shop. These two dive sites are close to each other so making a dive at each is a popular choice.  Ginnie Springs is a little farther away, about 1 hour 20 minutes, but it is another stunning example of Florida's beautiful springs. Dives can be made in these sites in most weather conditions and there are training platforms in approximately 20 feet (7 meters) of water, making these locations ideal for the novice as well as the experienced diver.