Full 5 day O.W. Course (traditional class with book) or,
Full 3 or 4 day O.W. Course (for computer based elearners)

$600 for one person 
$500 p/p for two or more people

Includes all gear, instructional materials (book & video, or e-learning), certification card, entrance fees for Devil’s Den and Blue Grotto fresh water springs.
Ocean dives can be arranged for additional costs.

Instruction review is online only
Knowledge review and pool only : $160 p/p
Knowledge review, pool and one dive : $230 p/p

Divers get a new certification card with the ReActivate date on it.
Includes online instruction fee and new certification card.

Gear rental separate ($40 full gear set)

ReActivate (Refresher)

Open Water Referral

Are you ready to try Scuba Diving?


If you are a comfortable swimmer and have fun snorkeling, then Scuba Diving may be your next lifelong adventure. Our experienced instructors can safely and comfortably guide you through all the steps to become Open Water certified. Then you’ll have the thrill of being able to explore the world’s freshwater sites and the shallow oceans that are teeming with life. You’ll feel the awesome experience of weightlessness and the astounding sensations of breathing underwater. Scuba Diving can lead to a lifetime of passion for our natural world and all the creatures that inhabit it, as well as a great way to get outdoors and melt the tensions of modern society away. 

Here at Crystal River Kayak and Dive Center, you can safely try out Scuba Diving in one day in a pool and a fresh water dive site through our Discover Scuba Diving program. While this program does not earn a certification, it’s a good way to try it all out in one or two days to see if diving is for you. And you can credit this experience towards your Open Water Diver certification if you like. 

For those who know they’re ready for a full course, there are several paths to certification. You may start with the computer or tablet based PADI elearning system that guides you through all of the educational concepts and theories of scuba diving. Or if you prefer a book in the hand instead of a computer, we can teach in a more traditional class setting as well. Once you have completed the knowledge development, we can start with the hands on fun of diving, teaching you all about the equipment involved and the techniques divers use to comfortably and safely swim underwater. You will gain confidence as you progress through the confined water portions of the course in the pool. Then on to the four Open Water dives where you will demonstrate the new skills you’ve learned while exploring the dive sites. 

If you don’t live in the Crystal River area, a common alternative is to complete the knowledge development and confined water dives near where you live, then come here to complete the four Open Water dives. This Referral program is very popular for those who can only spend two or three days here in Florida. 

We at Crystal River Kayak and Dive Center specialize in small custom courses that fit your schedule. The training can be spread out over several nonconsecutive days or weeks, or consecutive days. Let us know what works best for you and your schedule, and we’ll strive to make it happen. 

Give us a call today at (352) 795 2255 and talk to one of our instructors to schedule your upcoming adventure. All of our course prices are “pay once and done” — no hidden fees! 

1 or 2 day course, no certification
Knowledge & Pool ONLY : $150 p/p
Knowledge, Pool & One(1) Dive : $220 p/p

Dive at Rainbow River or Devil’s Den fresh water spring. Includes all gear and entrance fees, just bring a swimsuit and towel.


Discover Scuba Diving

Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver
Price will depend on where ocean dives are scheduled, call to arrange​

​For divers who have completed all knowledge development and confined water training.

2 day open water course at Devil’s Den & Blue Grotto 
2 dives a day for the 4 open water dives required
Ocean dives can be arranged for additional costs

$400 for one person 
$350 p/p for two or more people

Includes all gear, certification card, entrance fees for Devil’s Den & Blue Grotto.
If the diver needs to complete confined water training as well, add $100 & add 1 to 2 days.